Made Up Realities

On the 25th and 27th of October Made up Realities is hosting a two-day gathering with a music programme starting in the early evening until the early morning (from 6pm to 6am).

The event works on different forms of monetary distribution and solidaric participation. All generated profits are shared equally between all participants (helpers, artists, performers, organizers). The invited participants are involved in different communities and scenes, sharing musical ideas and approaches, and addressing political urgencies. This gathering can be seen as a counter tactic of silencing and gentrifying our individual, private and public desires to simply exist. Together with the involved people a temporary musical space will be created that opens up the in-between worlds we are wandering: between visible and invisible, strong and weak, heard and unheard, static and itinerant.


About the concept

Made Up Realties proposes a different idea of coming together and experiencing music collectively. All generated profits (from the entrance fee and the bar) are distributed equally with all participants (helpers, artists, performers, organizers). There are no fixed fees for the helpers, artists, performers and organizers. This setting of working together enables a respectful and equal approach for everyone involved.

The estimated fixed costs for the whole two-day event are ~5.000€ (technical equipment, facilities, rent, soundsystem, etc.). As soon as we exceed the fixed costs, all profits are shared with all participants (solidaric fund). This concept is only possible when we all work together and are willing to bring in our time, efforts, and desires to share. This way of organising a shared space is an invitation. We are aware that it will require a lot of contributions to be successful and can only be the beginning of a process.


About the Venue

Made Up Realties was able to rent a special venue (private location, 15th district, close to Westbahnhof) where we can work freely and independently. A sound system brought from Toulouse and provided by Jan Loup and Maquis Son Sistèm will be set up in the space. After signing up the exact address will be announced a few days prior to the event via mail. The entire event with different tasks will be coordinated by the Made Up Realities Team: entrance situation, the bar, awareness team, the musical programme, and the technical guidance. All these parts are equally important to create an environment which is as safe as possible. All tasks are equally valued, highly appreciated, and we desire to make them equally visible.


How to participate

The team of Made Up Realities invited several local and international acts to participate at this gathering. Further people are needed who are willing to help during the days/nights. A schedule was created where people can subscribe to participate for a certain task. Each task has a planned time slot of ~3 hours. With this participation the person is part of the solidaric fund and receives an equal share of it once the event is over and if desired, will be credited for their work The planned time slots for live acts are ~45 minutes and for dj acts ~1,5 hours. People who are taking over a task get free entry for that day as well as some coupons for drinks and, as mentioned above, are part of the solidaric fund.

Tasks: preparations, entrance situation, bar, technical guidance, awareness work and general caretaking of the event (stage management and artist care).

If you want to participate or have any questions you can contact us:

Your help is much needed and appreciated!



This is an event with limited spatial capacity and we can only take cash at the entrance and bar. Please sign up prior to the event via email to get all further information about the location and entrance. Since this is a community event, we kindly ask you to share this event only with your friends, family, and lovers. Once you are subscribed, you’ll receive all relevant information regarding the event.

Entrance (per day): 12€ upfront or 15€ at the door.

Please note: Send us an email with “ENTER”, your name and the date(s) you want to attend. After that we are going to send you all the information required to visit Made Up Realities.


Team: Conny, Samo, Robert, Philipp, Samuel, Li